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Origin Country: Netherlands
Discover the refreshing taste of Maresca, a sparkling spring water hailing from North Brabant, Netherlands. As the trend shifts towards healthier hydration, Maresca stands out with its unique mineral profile and the lively fizz of added carbon dioxide. Perfect for those seeking a pure and invigorating drink, Maresca is now available. We offer rapid delivery and exceptional customer service, ensuring you can enjoy this Dutch delight with ease. Choose Maresca for a natural, sparkling refreshment that supports local sources.

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Maresca natural sparkling water (24 x 0,33 Liter cans NL)

Experience the refreshing taste of Maresca Natural Sparkling Water, a standout in the realm of hydration. Packaged in 24 x 0.33 Liter cans, this sparkling…

What makes Maresca mineral water unique compared to other brands?

Maresca mineral water is a premium sparkling spring water sourced from North Brabant in the Netherlands, making it a special offering from our own soil. Unlike many spring waters that are imported, Maresca is extracted from natural springs found within the country. Each spring water possesses a unique taste due to the distinct minerals it contains. Maresca is further enhanced by the addition of carbon dioxide, giving it a refreshing sparkle. Before bottling, the water is de-ironed to ensure purity and the absence of any harmful substances, making Maresca not just unique but also a pure and natural choice for hydration.

How is Maresca mineral water processed before it reaches the consumer?

Maresca mineral water undergoes a meticulous process to ensure its purity and quality. The water is extracted from the naturally carbonated spring located in Maarheeze. To guarantee the water's purity and safety for consumption, it is first de-ironed to remove any iron particles. Although spring water is usually not treated before bottling, Maresca complies with strict drinking water standards to ensure it is of the highest quality. The addition of carbon dioxide revitalizes the water, providing a lively and refreshing taste that distinguishes Maresca from other spring waters.

Why should I choose Maresca mineral water for my hydration needs?

Choosing Maresca mineral water for your hydration needs means selecting a high-quality, refreshing beverage that stands out due to its purity, natural composition, and delightful sparkling taste. Sourced from the Netherlands, Maresca offers a unique taste profile influenced by the natural minerals from its spring source. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate the refreshing effect of carbonated water, especially on hot days. Packaged in practical 33 cl cans, Maresca is also convenient for on-the-go hydration, making it a perfect travel companion. By choosing Maresca, you're not only opting for a premium hydration option but also supporting a brand that represents the best of local Dutch produce.